The Little Picture

Stop and enjoy these, will ya?

As I emerge from the smoke and dust that was my most recent quarter-life crisis, I can’t help but come to the realization that (for at least a little while) I should stop focusing on the future, where my life is going, and just enjoy what I’ve got and where I am.

It’s true, I have kind of a crappy job. But most days, it’s not even that bad. Hell, I’m writing a blog while at work so there’s that. I just can’t spend every day wishing I had a better job, because my mind would implode into itself, creating a singularity of despair and depression. I’m too young to be so miserable, especially when I can stop myself from it.


With my health finally returning to normal after a three week vacation, I can finally focus my attention back on my regular exercise. I ran a little over a mile on Saturday for the first time in three months; I got mad side-stitches and had to walk about half a mile home. My legs are also now wicked sore so no more running for at least two days. I’m ready to start picking up heavy things though, and I’ve decided to try increasing my workout frequency to see if that might effect better results. I haven’t had a good workout in weeks.

As for the immediate future, tonight I’m looking forward to coming home from work with fresh groceries, healthy snacks for work tomorrow, and preparations for a nice dinner of chicken marsala and garlic broccoli. I have no shows in my queue so I’m not going to be spending much time in front of the TV. I think a relaxing evening with my FE study book is in order. Sounds boring, but I’m actually quite looking forward to it. Small steps toward a larger goal, things to keep me busy and sane.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently framed some awesome signed merchandise I received from one of my favorite bands, GOLD MOTEL, in support of their latest album and I can’t wait to hang them up.

Wait, is that my name in the liner notes!?

I think it’s time to put that record on for another spin. Listen to this and tell me that doesn’t sound like summer:

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