Twenty-Seventeen in Photographs

Frohes Neues Jahr!  2017 has come and gone, and I don’t know that I’ll miss it all that much.  It was spent nearly entirely in the Bay Area, although I did take a couple weeks in India before starting my latest job.  There are 59 photos in total, mostly in and around San Francisco, with several from a trip home to Buffalo and a pair during the journey to the Eclipse.  Enjoy!


Twenty-Sixteen in Photographs

Hallo!  It’s a new year once again, so I’ve taken to continuing my tradition of building a retrospective photo gallery, for the fifth time now.  This year was again spent heavily in San Francisco — hiking the hills, going to concerts, being around the bridges — though there are a few photos from my domestic travels early on; 57 photos in total.  Galleries for my trips to Japan and India are found elsewhere.  Enjoy!

India in Photographs

I spent 10 days in India at the start of September.  I have a lot to say about that trip, however I feel my time is better suited to other pursuits at the moment.  In the meantime, I’ve assembled 98 of my best photographs from the adventure here for your viewing pleasure.  They span from all around New Delhi, to the Taj Mahal, and down south to Karnataka State from Bangalore to Madikeri.  Enjoy!