Wishes for Adidas’ NHL Takeover

With Adidas being the parent company of Reebok, they’re set to assume production of all NHL jerseys for the 2017-18 season.  Last time this happened, when Reebok took over in the offseason of 2007, all NHL team jerseys were redesigned to fit the new Edge template.  With this change being forced upon each team, some took the opportunity to rebrand or refresh their looks.  Some overhauled completely (Dallas, Vancouver, and Washington for example).  Others made minor tweaks to their jerseys.  Some made basically none.

Some teams made mistakes.  A few of them, unfortunately, still live to this day.  I’ve taken it upon myself to present a few concept logo blocks with my vision for team primary logos and colors going forward.  If these changes don’t happen, I will be disappointed, but I won’t give up hope — I’ll continue adding to this collection when inspiration strikes, provided that my ideas don’t magically come to life before then.

First up, my Buffalo Sabres:

Buffalo SabresBuffalo Sabres (Away)

Ditch the silver lines, return to a real, vibrant blue, and voilà!  That’s all they need.  This look is clear, identifiable, and timeless.  If they’re going to hoist the Cup at some point, I desperately hope it’s in these.  With the Sabres scheduled to play as the home team at the 2018 Winter Classic, we may see this jersey appear as soon as then — hopefully they do the right thing and elevate it to primary duty afterward.  If not, the likely worst case scenario is it would become a full-time third in 2018-19.  If that happens, they will have earned my money.

Calgary Flames (Third)Calgary Flames (Fourth)

Fixing the Calgary Flames would be simple: return to the 1980s.  Get rid of the black.  Promote the existing third to primary and add a road counterpart.  You won the Cup in these jerseys; why wouldn’t you want to promote them?  ’nuff said.

Carolina Hurricanes (Third)Carolina Hurricanes (Fourth)

The Carolina Hurricanes need a uniform update, badly.  Their 2013 redesign was horrendous, but thankfully they kept their unique third in reserve.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them upgraded to full-time duty.  The flag logo is far better than the swirl, even though they did win the Cup in the latter, but there’s also the fact that I’m not a fan of black primaries.  What about red?  I think that looks damn hot, even if it is a (tropical) storm warning flag.

Colorado Avalanche (Third)Colorado Avalanche (Fourth)

The Colorado Avalanche have been using the 2007 Reebok transition look for a decade; they’re the last to maintain use of the “apron string” look.  It needs a change more than any other team.  Their current thirds are decent, but I’m not sold on them being a primary.  They’re just a bit too experimental, plus burgundy has always been the Avs’ color.  How about these?

Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus Blue Jackets (Away)

The Columbus Blue Jackets‘ third is a great, great look.  I love the jersey, the color scheme, and the logo.  It’s more distinct, compared to the Jacket’s current palette which features zero unique colors.  The only problem is that vintage white cannot be used as an away jersey base, so to solve I’ve made it white across the board.  Looking sharp!

Minnesota WildMinnesota Wild (Away)

The Minnesota Wild are rumored to be going forward with a green jersey, similar to their Stadium Series jersey from last season.  I’m for it.  I think they should keep their away white jerseys and use them template for the homes.  Easy.  I bet this is exactly what we see come Draft Day, more-or-less.

Ottawa Senators (Third)Ottawa Senators (Fourth)

The Ottawa Senators are in dire need of a new look, having used the same original Reebok template since 2007.  Luckily, they’ve already created a complete set that would do nicely.  The “O” logo ties the franchise back to its predecessor in Ottawa, while ditching the tired look of the three-quarter-profile cartoon centurion.  Same as with Columbus, the vintage white is normalized to pure white.  There was a rumor swirling earlier this year that something like this was in the works for the future.  It’s been quiet on that front recently, but I’d still imagine this has a very good chance of happening.

Alternatively, they’ve been sitting on this cleaner version of their original profiled Senator logo for awhile.  It’s not on their jerseys anywhere, for some reason.  If the classic look isn’t to be, why not revamp the jerseys with this badass logo on front?  Hell, I’d be okay with a return to the black primary if this is what it looks like.

San Jose SharksSan Jose Sharks (Away)San Jose Sharks2San Jose Sharks (Away2)

This is more of a thought than a hope.  The San Jose Sharks used the Reebok takeover to refresh their Shark-biting-stick logo in 2007; modernizing while maintaining the overall look.  It’s been a decade since then, and the franchise has matured to a point of ubiquity and success in the Bay Area.  It’s time to grow the logo to match.  We know it’s a hockey team, so there’s no need for a stick in the logo.  This past season the Sharks released a beautiful set of “future” secondary logos for marketing purposes, which went more-or-less unused: see the clean full-bodied shark above.  There’s also a variant with a more triangular shape and a subtle SJ at the vertex.  Either one I think would be a great primary look.

Washington CapitalsWashington Capitals (Away)

Last but not least, look at this.  The Washington Capitals have used this stunning secondary logo since their transformation in 2007.  How is it not the primary?  I get that the wordmark is an update of their original logo, but come on.  This would be an incredible primary logo.  It’s simple, easily reproduceable and identifiable, and it’s freaking brilliant.  It forms a “W.” It’s got the Capitol in negative space.  The angle in the neck invokes the Washington Monument.  It’s wonderful.  After their latest playoff failure, it might just be a decent time to re-brand.  Make this the primary now.

I have a few more wants that I’m not sure how (read: am not skilled enough) to express visually:

Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings would do well to add purple back to their look.  I’m not sure if that requires a whole new logo or not — I’d lean toward the latter, given all of their success with their current setup.  Perhaps just a trim on the jersey?  The league needs more purple; ie any purple.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks have a great set of uniforms, and it hurts to suggest changes because of their mixed history.  I like the orca logo, but the “Vancouver” wordmark needs to go.   Alternatively, promote the third to full time and go full 1970s.  Either way, that’s all I want, so there’s nothing really new to illustrate here.  The design of the jerseys and their colors are perfect already.

In conclusion, I’m surprised by how content I am with the look of the NHL these days.   Only a handful of teams need a redo on the logo, jersey, and/or colors.  For the rest, a few uniform tweaks here and there would be nice, but overall I think these aforementioned changes would be enough to make the league the best it could possibly look.  Now, if only we could make color versus color jerseys for games the norm, only then would we have perfection.


Stanley Cup 2017, III: Unlucky Sevens


Boy, I really am mediocre at predicting things, eh?  1-3 in the last round is worse than a coin flip.  Maybe I’ll go back to doing that next year.

For the first time this year, a series went to seven.  Two, in fact, and these games were played on the same night.  And, well, neither went the way I wanted.  Both were inconsistent in their narratives, which is annoying.   The Capitals, as is tradition, lost to the Penguins in the second round.  The Ducks, on the other hand, didn’t lose in Game 7 at home for the fifth straight year.  I’m really unhappy with the Capitals, but I’ll get into that below.  And what is this strange feeling: I’m sad the Oilers lost?  What?  The team that lucked its way into the best player in the world — the player who was supposed to end up on my hometown team?  The Oilers that I watched stifle my local Sharks to death in their own rink?  Why do I feel bad for them?  I shouldn’t!  Stop messing with my feelings!

Yeah, I need to change something about how I approach the playoffs.  Next year I’m either going full apathetic randomness, with a coin flip bracket, or full rooting interest, where I pick the teams I want to win only.  Rooting for a team I don’t care for and then feeling sad when they lose is making me uneasy.  Luckily, I still have a team to root for this round — and I think most of the remaining independent fans are with me on this one.

RIP Bracket 2017.  Gone too soon.  I picked relatively conservatively and I was punished.  And that’s the way it should be.  What’s bad for the bracket is good for the league.  Mostly.

So what happened?

Senators vs Rangers:  People have some funny ideas about the Senators.  Like they’re boring and slow and sit back on a lead.  *looks around accusingly*

I admit it.  I picked the wrong team here, again.  And of course, just when I feel like I was wrong not to have faith in the Rangers, they do this.  Whatever.  I really enjoyed this series.  Far more than I should have, especially considering I don’t really like either of these teams.  The Sabres played both in 2007 and there’s still some lizard-brain dislike at play here.  But yeah, holy cow this series.  Not once, but twice the Senators overcame a late deficit to win in OT/2OT, including a spectacular three-goal rally in Game 2, which I will affectionately call “The Pageau Show.”  JGP pulls off his playoff magic once again, captain Erik Karlsson is somehow a beast with a broken foot, and before you know it, the Rangers are done.  Did I mention there were a couple massive brawls in the middle of the series?  I love a good feisty playoff series — some matchups this year should have been powder-kegs (*cough*Jackets/Pens*cough*) yet the ones that were seemed most unlikely.  Who knew these two hated each other so much?  I sure didn’t expect this kind of animosity.

Poor Henrik Lundqvist.  I don’t know how many more times I can watch a montage of him being sad at the end of a Rangers’ playoff run.  Maybe he’ll win a Cup somewhere else.  I feel like New York’s window is slamming shut.  Then again, I feel like that’s said every year.

Playoff Series
2017-04-27; NYR 1, OTT 2
2017-04-29; NYR 5, OTT 6 2OT
2017-05-02; OTT 1, NYR 4
2017-05-04; OTT 1, NYR 4
2017-05-06; NYR 4, OTT 5 OT
2017-05-09; OTT 4, NYR 2
OTT defeats NYR: 4-2
Prediction: Rangers in 6 ☓✓

Capitals vs Penguins:  Yep.  That was supposed to happen.  Of course the Penguins went out to a 2-0 series lead.  Of course they pushed the Caps to the brink after four, leading to a flurry of “here we go again” tweets and hot takes.  And, of course, the Capitals rallied just far enough to give DC some hope before they crapped it all away in Game 7.  Look, Capitals, I’m sorry to say I believed in you.  Why do you have to disappoint me, a loyal fan for three weeks, in this way?  Is this what it feels like to be a Capitals fan all the time??  I’m so sorry.  Here’s the thing: your team is rotten.  It’s clearly the best regular season team two seasons running, but you can’t do it in the playoffs, especially against Pittsburgh.  They’re your kryptonite, and if you couldn’t be them this year, when they’re beat up, tired after a long season last year, and you’re even better than before, there’s no hope.  Sorry, but the Capitals are over.  Pittsburgh, go win another Stanley Cup, since it’s clearly your destiny.  Nothing can stop them, it seems.  Except, perhaps, one team…

Playoff Series
2017-04-27; PIT 3, WSH 2
2017-04-29; PIT 6, WSH 2
2017-05-01; WSH 3, PIT 2 OT
2017-05-03; WSH 2, PIT 3
2017-05-06; PIT 2, WSH 4
2017-05-08; WSH 5, PIT 2
2017-05-10; PIT 2, WSH 0
PIT defeats WSH: 4-3
Prediction: Capitals in 7 ☓✓

Blues vs. Predators:  I actually don’t have a lot to say about this series.  The Preds looked incredible.  They overwhelmed the Blues with their incredible depth and stunning goaltending.  Jake Allen, the keeper that carried the Blues past the Wild, didn’t do quite as well, but he wasn’t bad.  I think a two series run for the Blues is about right, maybe even above local expectations.  I had them in the Final, but I’m a dumb-dumb.  Many saw the Predators being this team early on, even before the season.  I’m trusting their gut now; I’m solidly on the Preds bandwagon from here until the end.  Hopefully I don’t have to root for the Ducks, Penguins, or Senators at any point in the next five weeks.  Welcome to the Conference Final, Nashville.  I hope you make the most of your stay.  Your fans deserve it — holy cow is your home crowd terrific.  And you know what?  Those gold helmets are growing on me.  Don’t ever change Nashville.  You’re doing you and it’s working wonderfully.

Playoff Series
2017-04-26; NSH 4, STL 3
2017-04-28; NSH 2, STL 3
2017-04-30; STL 1, NSH 3
2017-05-02; STL 1, NSH 2
2017-05-05; NSH 1, STL 2
2017-05-07; STL 1, NSH 3
NSH defeats STL: 4-2
Prediction: Predators in 7 ✓☓

Ducks vs. Oilers:  Anaheim completes the sweep through Alberta, dispatching the resurgent Death Valley in 11 games total.  They’ve also, as mentioned, exorcised the demon of Game 7, albeit barely.  I’m unreasonably upset at the Oilers misfortune here.  They lost two games in which there was a questionable unchallenged non-call, both in overtime, and the second after a third period three-goal meltdown with three minutes to go.  Granted, the Ducks had their own meltdown in Game 6, but the Oilers were unable to capitalize on that momentum and closeout the series.  I guess the kids just needed to be shown how to win, or something.  I was very impressed with Edmonton throughout these playoffs.  They’ve got a very bright future.  I mean, obviously.  McDavid’s gonna win a Cup or two or five before he gets traded to Toronto.

Playoff Series
2017-04-26; EDM 5, ANA 3
2017-04-28; EDM 2, ANA 1
2017-04-30; ANA 6, EDM 3
2017-05-03; ANA 4, EDM 3 OT
2017-05-05; EDM 3, ANA 4 2OT
2017-05-07; ANA 1, EDM 7
2017-05-10; EDM 1, ANA 2
ANA defeats EDM: 4-3
Prediction: Oilers in 6 ☓☓

I’m glad we’ve got another 75% turnover in the final four.  If this happens every year, we’ll  get a new team a Cup eventually.

Advanced stats herein are taken from March 1st through the end of the second round, with the rankings being among the four teams remaining.


M2. Pittsburgh Penguins vs A2. Ottawa Senators:  This is not ideal.  I’m already sick of the Penguins and, while it doesn’t burn with the fiery passion of a handful of quasars anymore, it would not take a lot to rekindle my dislike of the Ottawa Senators.  These two are meeting for the fourth time since the Great Lockout — Ottawa took the series in 2007, which was Sidney Crosby’s first playoff series, while the Pens took the next three, most recently in 2013.  In some ways, these teams are the inverse of each other.  The Senators are carried on the back of their star defenseman and their top heavy offense, while the Pens have relied heavily on depth scoring and miraculous goaltending.  The Penguins have offensive stars, obviously, and the Senators grounded, solid goaltending as well.  Given the injuries to Pittsburgh, one would have expected them to fold earlier, yet here they are.  It just kind of feels like they’re supposed to win.  On the other hand, there are few who gave the Senators a chance, even in the first round (myself included), yet here they are too.  They keep chugging along, finding ways to pull out wins, especially in OT where they’re 5-1.  It pains me to say it, but I want the Senators to win this series.  I can’t hate Erik Karlsson.  I just can’t.  My brain, however, can’t see these Penguins collapsing.  Not after crushing the hopes of the Capitals.  These guys just know how to win and, well, they’re just better than Ottawa.  Penguins in seven.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the “pesky” Senators make it a series.  I didn’t give them enough credit before and I hope they don’t burn me for giving them a long series now.

Power Play%
PIT: 25.8%, 1st
OTT: 15.7%, 3rd

Penalty Kill%
PIT: 78.7%, 2nd
OTT: 78.1%, 3rd

5v5 Corsi, Score-Adjusted
PIT: 47.00%, 4th
OTT: 50.31%, 3rd

PIT: 101.61, 3rd
OTT: 100.53, 4th

Notable Injuries
PIT: Kris Letang, Trevor Daley
OTT: Erik Karlsson, Mark Borowiecki

Season Series
2016-12-05; OTT 5, PIT 8
2017-01-12; PIT 1, OTT 4
2017-03-23; PIT 1. OTT 2 S/O
PIT: 1-1-1
OTT: 2-1-0


P1. Anaheim Ducks vs C4. Nashville Predators:  I am excited for this.  The wildcard Nashville Predators stunned the Pacific division champion Anaheim Ducks in the first round last year.  The Preds were one win away from where they are now, while the Ducks suffered another Game 7 at home collapse.  That narrative is dead, yet the initial condition remains.  For the 12th time in the last 14 seasons, California is represented in the Western Conference Final.  Shame it’s the Ducks, though.  For the first time, Nashville is here.  They’ve been getting closer ever since 2011, and this time it only took them 10 games to do it.  I would argue the Predators are a better team than they were last year — this seems to be common wisdom among insiders — yet I’m feeling like the Ducks aren’t, despite the deeper run.  They swept the Flames, albeit closely, and looked downright awful against the Oilers at times.  Meanwhile, Nashville has been consistently good, losing only close games to an overperforming Blues team.  Last round I mentioned that the Ducks should expect a correction to their luck.  I’m still waiting.  It must be close.  Right?  My gut says the Predators are the better team.  They won last year and they’ll do it again.  Predators in six.  Nashville to the Cup Final.  While it’s still possible to see a repeat of the 2007 Final, I’m expecting the opposite.

Power Play%
ANA: 16.1%, 2nd
NSH: 15.0%, 4th

Penalty Kill%
ANA: 77.9%, 4th
NSH: 80.8%, 1st

5v5 Corsi, Score-Adjusted
ANA: 51.83%, 1st
NSH: 51.75%, 2nd

ANA: 103.15, 1st
NSH: 102.75, 2nd

Notable Injuries
ANA: Kevin Bieksa, Patrick Eaves
NSH: Kevin Fiala

Season Series
2016-10-26; NSH 1, ANA 6
2016-11-12; ANA 0, NSH 5
2017-03-07; NSH 3, ANA 4 S/O
ANA: 2-1-0
NSH: 1-1-1

As I mentioned above, this is a different final four, to be sure.  Nashville’s here for the first time.  Ottawa hasn’t been here since 2007.  The Ducks are back after a year hiatus, and of course the Penguins are returning.  I’m still waiting for a Cup champion who’s not black or red (Nashville, you’re my only hope), however each of the final four teams does wear some variant of gold/yellow.

Final Four Fun Facts & Frivolity Field
Cup Virgins:  2 — NSH, OTT, WSH
Cup Champions since 2006:  2 — ANA (’07), PIT (’09, ’16)
Longest Cup drought:  OTT — 23 seasons
Returning teams (to the third round):  1 — PIT
Fresh blood (in the third round):  3 — ANA, NSH, OTT

I thought it would be fun to add some brooms to the swept teams.  Sorry guys 😛

Stanley Cup 2017, II: Hand Shoes and Horse Grenades


This first round was kind of weird.  Like I said in the first post, there were teams like Edmonton and Toronto involved for the first time in a few years.  There were great teams like Minnesota and Columbus, both of whom set franchise record win streaks in the middle of the regular season, both losing with a whimper in five games.  The semi-dynasty Blackhawks: swept.  The 2016 Western Conference Champions: out in six to a team previously without a single playoff appearance in the last decade.  The Presidents’ Trophy winning Capitals: pushed hard by a young upstart Toronto team.

But the weird part is, it wasn’t entirely unexpected.  I thought the Wild were overrated.  I knew the Sharks were toast.  My faith in the Jackets wasn’t strong.  A lot of people were already previously on the Preds’ bandwagon.  Delusional Leafs fans and pessimistic Caps fans aside, there were a few who knew Toronto was, in fact, that good.  I don’t know, it all leaves me with this weird feeling inside.  Maybe I should go with my gut more often.

Still looking alright, at least in comparison to the rest of my family in our league.  I feel nervous about St. Louis: see more below.

Canadiens vs Rangers: Well okay.  The New York Rangers pulled off what their cross-town rivals did last year: defeat the Atlantic division champion in round one, then move on to play for the playoff championship of a division they’re not even in.  I didn’t really watch this series too much, since there were often other games on at the same time, and I don’t have a lot to say first-hand.  What happened to Carey Price?  Were the Rangers just that much better?  Was my lack of faith in the Rangers’ misplaced?  I don’t know.  I’m going to have to take a far closer look at New York going into the next round.  No comment on how the P.K. Subban trade is playing out.

Playoff Series
2017-04-12; NYR 2, MTL 0
2017-04-14; NYR 3, MTL 4 OT
2017-04-16; MTL 3, NYR 1
2017-04-18; MTL 1, NYR 2
2017-04-20; NYR 3, MTL 2 OT
2017-04-22; MTL 1, NYR 3
NYR defeats MTL: 4-2
Prediction: Canadiens in 5 ☓☓

Senators vs. Bruins:  There are a few things that happened that I didn’t see coming: the complete decimation of the Bruins’ blue line, though that did in fact begin before the series started, and the complete, utter domination of Erik Karlsson.  What I would give to have a defenseman star like that on my team’s blue line… It was a very close series in a first round completely full of them, hence the subtitle of this post.  Four games in OT, one of them in double OT.  A few bounces here and there and the Bruins are headed to Broadway.  Boston had a lot of youngsters up in the mix, which bodes well for their future, even as their stars of yore continue to age.  The Sens just keep chugging along though, despite not being all that exciting.  Clarke MacArthur is a great story, as is Craig Anderson.  I’d be happy to see their success continue.

Playoff Series
2017-04-12; BOS 2, OTT 1
2017-04-15; BOS 3, OTT 4 OT
2017-04-17; OTT 4, BOS 3 OT
2017-04-19; OTT 1, BOS 0
2017-04-21; BOS 3, OTT 2 2OT
2017-04-23; OTT 3, BOS 2 OT
OTT defeats BOS: 4-2
Prediction: Bruins in 6

Capitals vs. Maple Leafs:  My goodness!  Did anyone see this coming?  The Presidents’ Trophy winning Capitals were supposed to smite the Leafs in a walk.  And yet, the Leafs fought back, taking a quick lead in Game One to set the tone for what ended up being the closest series in what must be years.  Coyotes/Hawks in 2012 comes close, but that one featured a 4-0 blowout in addition to five OT games, whereas these were all one goal games with 4 OTs and a 2OT.  Insanity.  I’m exceptionally jealous of the young Leafs and all of their talent — three of their top 5 scorers in the regular season were rookies — and if they can take this defeat and learn from it, look out NHL.  The future in Toronto is extremely bright.  Meanwhile, as the Leafs took a brief series lead after Three, panic bells rung out in Washington.  Obviously this team has a history of choking, and when faced with this kind of “here we go again” feeling, they often collapse, despite their overwhelming talent.  Well, so far so good.  Thank goodness for the clutch-ness of Justin Williams and Marcus Johansson, eh?  The Caps live to fight another day.

Playoff Series
2017-04-13; TOR 2, WSH 3 OT
2017-04-15; TOR 4, WSH 3 2OT
2017-04-17; WSH 3, TOR 4 OT
2017-04-19; WSH 5, TOR 4
2017-04-21; TOR 1, WSH 2 OT
2017-04-23; WSH 2, TOR 1 OT
WSH defeats TOR: 4-2
Prediction: Capitals in 7 ✓☓

Penguins vs. Blue Jackets:  Well, this was a letdown.  I picked the Penguins to win … and then Matt Murray went down in the opening warmups and I thought, well, maybe the Blue Jackets have a chance of stealing the series from an already banged up Pens squad.  But no, that’s not how this works.  The steady defense and goaltending of Columbus turned porous, letting in 3 goals or more every game.  Evgeni Malkin switched into beast mode — the kind that led him to a Conn Smythe win — and the Jackets were toast.  At least they won a game in their own building, which has a terrific atmosphere in the playoffs, but even that was nearly a blown lead.  Maybe next year Columbus, but for all I know, you’ll be a basement dweller again because this team makes no sense.  Pittsburgh?  I have no love for returning champions, so I hope this is the only success you see this year.

Playoff Series
2017-04-12; CBJ 1, PIT 3
2017-04-14; CBJ 1, PIT 4
2017-04-16; PIT 5, CBJ 4 OT
2017-04-18; PIT 4, CBJ 5
2017-04-20; CBJ 2, PIT 5
PIT defeats CBJ: 4-1
Prediction: Penguins in 7 ✓☓

Blackhawks vs. Predators:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Good grief, this was a fun series to watch.  Even though I picked Chicago to win, I don’t regret anything.  The “freakin’ Chicago Blackhawks” were held to a total of three goals this series, shut down by the superior defense of the Nashville Predators and their brick wall of a goalie, Pekka Rinne.  Meanwhile, the Preds top line of Forsberg, Arvidsson, and Johansen has been an absolute killer, putting up 15 points in a four game sweep.  This team is scary good, like many expected them to be even as long ago as the offseason.  I’ve got St. Louis in the Cup Final on my bracket, but with this Preds team in the picture, I may regret that.  Meanwhile, Chicago, what the hell?  What uninspired, lackluster, mediocre nonsense was this?  No goals on home ice?  Coughing up a 2-goal lead in Game Three?  This isn’t the Hawks that won 3 in 6.  Maybe next year, you won’t even make the playoffs and spare yourselves another first round exit.  I keep saying it, but I really hope this is the year the team finally falls back to toiling on the edge of the playoff bubble or even dropping out entirely  Then, maybe the NHL and NBC can stop talking about them like they’re God’s gift to hockey.

Playoff Series
2017-04-13; NSH 1, CHI 0
2017-04-15; NSH 5, CHI 0
2017-04-17; CHI 2, NSH 3 OT
2017-04-20; CHI 1, NSH 4
NSH defeats CHI: 4-0
Prediction: Blackhawks in 5 ☓☓

Wild vs. Blues:  Meanwhile, across/on the Mississippi, we had this scrappy series, hopefully the first of many between these clubs.  Minnesota was the favorite, for some reason, and I, in no uncertain terms, picked against them.  I had no faith in the Wild; somehow they exceeded that lack of faith and lost even sooner than I predicted.  What happened?  Jake Allen happened.  The Wild didn’t play badly.  In fact, I’d say they were the better team in most of their losses.  They just couldn’t beat the exceptionally hot goaltending of the Blues.  It was a very low scoring series overall, as Devan Dubnyk held his own on the other end, for the most part.  A pair of long OT games could have flipped the series to Minnesota, but they didn’t.  I put most of my prediction stock in the hotness of these two heading into the playoffs, and looking at what went down, it certainly played out as a continuation of that.  What’s next for Minnesota?  Is Boudreau’s honeymoon over?  Will they achieve greater, less unsustainable success next year?  Are they finally shedding those awful red uniforms for the greens they wear in the playoffs?  We’ll find out soon enough.

Playoff Series
2017-04-12; STL 2, MIN 1 OT
2017-04-14; STL 2, MIN 1
2017-04-16; MIN 1, STL 3
2017-04-19; MIN 2, STL 0
2017-04-22; STL 4, MIN 3 OT
STL defeats MIN: 4-1
Prediction: Blues in 6 ✓☓

Ducks vs. Flames:  Yeah, so, the Flames can’t win in Anaheim.  ’nuff said.

But seriously, this series was far closer than the final count would lead one to believe.  Each game was decided by one goal, save for a late empty-netter in Game Four.  Two of the late game-winning goals, including the OT winner, were fluky bounces.  This was a very even series.  Even flipping four coins, you’re going to get a sweep one way or the other in 1/16 of the results.  This one just happened to favor the Ducks.  These two aren’t really the most convenient or obvious rivalry, but this was probably the most brutal, feisty, and fun-to-watch series from that standpoint.  It helps that both teams are chock full of agitators (Kesler & Tkachuk, to name just two) and had not only recent playoff history, but a controversial regular season series as well.  Calgary: your future is bright.  Don’t do anything stupid this off-season as a response to the sweep.

Playoff Series
2017-04-13; CGY 2, ANA 3
2017-04-15; CGY 2, ANA 3
2017-04-17; ANA 5, CGY 4 OT
2017-04-19; ANA 3, CGY 1
ANA defeats CGY: 4-0
Prediction: Ducks in 6 ✓☓

Oilers vs. Sharks:  Welp.  I picked the Oilers to win.  I had no doubt before the series began, and had no doubt after they tied Game Five.  In the middle was a total cluster.  The Sharks improbably won Game One, coming back from a 0-2 deficit to win in OT.  Then Cam Talbot shut down San Jose for two games.  Then San Jose dismantled Edmonton at home in what was the most entertaining (for me) game of the playoffs so far.  After the Sharks coughed up their lead in Game Five, I knew it was over, even before OT started.  I bought a ticket to Game Six before this happened, and I was optimistically expecting the Sharks to have a chance to close-out the series at home.  Instead, I entered the building knowing the Sharks were getting eliminated that night.  It was a slog of a game where the Oilers scored on two breakaways a minute apart in the second.  It got good late in the third after a Sharks goal, but a McDavid empty-netter with 0.3 seconds to go sealed the deal for Edmonton.  It was certainly a new experience getting to see the handshakes live — they’re far more anti-climactic than they appear on TV.  San Jose has an uncertain future.  I hope they retain their greybeards for a few more shots at a Cup, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they walk.  That would certainly be the end of an era — and I can say that I was at their last game as a Shark.

Playoff Series
2017-04-13; SJS 3, EDM 2 OT
2017-04-15; SJS 0, EDM 2
2017-04-17; EDM 1, SJS 0
2017-04-19; EDM 0, SJS 7
2017-04-21; SJS 3, EDM 4 OT
2017-04-23; EDM 3, SJS 1
EDM defeats SJS: 4-2
Prediction: Oilers in 5 ✓☓

Not a bad first round.  I’m only really disappointed in Columbus.  Also the Battle of Alberta that we missed out on twice.  It featured the most OT in the first round, ever, as well as a pair of sweeps after an entire postseason without any.  My real rooting interest is gone, so I’m going to have to pick a bandwagon from one of the eight teams remaining to hop onto…

Advanced stats herein are taken from March 1st through the end of the first round, with the rankings being among the eight teams remaining.


A2. Ottawa Senators vs M4. New York Rangers:  And, like last year, the New York team from the wrong division will meet the 2nd seed in the Atlantic.  These two have, surprisingly, met once in the playoffs, and not too long ago, when the 1-seeded New York Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators in 7 games in 2012.  I don’t remember that series at all, hence the surprise.  And now I’m left with assessing two teams I’ve barely paid any attention to at all this year…

On the goaltending front, they’re pretty even.  Lundqvist looks good, but he’s on the down-slope of his career; Anderson has been solid, playing well enough to steal a few games from Boston.  Up front, the Rangers have speed and decent depth, whereas the Senators are more heavy up top, but they’ve had more production from unexpected places — Derick Brassard is leading the team in scoring.  Did you know that?  I didn’t.  The key, I believe, to this series is going to be defense.  Guy Boucher is the guy who infamously deployed the 1-3-1 system in Tampa, and the Senators are again the kind of team who can get a lead and sit on it as the game slowly expires.  Add in a superstar defenseman like Erik Karlsson, who has been outstanding this postseason, and New York suddenly looks like they might be in trouble.  Then again, Montréal had a very similar set of skills and that didn’t quite work for them.   I had neither of these teams advancing in my bracket so it really doesn’t matter who I pick.  I’m leaning toward New York, and I think it will be in six.  That means, for the first time in the current playoff format, a team will win a division it’s not even in.

Power Play%
OTT: 17.9%, 6th
NYR: 21.9%, 4th

Penalty Kill%
OTT: 73.6%, 8th
NYR: 78.9%, 5th

5v5 Corsi, Score-Adjusted
OTT: 50.20%, 5th
NYR: 48.28%, 8th

OTT: 101.11, 6th
NYR: 100.85, 7th

Notable Injuries
OTT: Mark Borowiecki
NYR: none

Season Series
2016-11-27; OTT 2, NYR 0
2016-12-27; OTT 3, NYR 4
2017-04-08; NYR 1, OTT 3
OTT: 2-1-0
NYR: 1-2-0


M1. Washington Capitals vs M2. Pittsburgh Penguins:  For the second year in a row, we’ve got Caps-Pens in the second round.  What more can be said that hasn’t been said already?  The Caps are the perennial playoff disappointment.  The Pens are one the league’s darling franchises, and now they’re the defending champs.  Conventional wisdom this year says that if the Capitals are to win the Cup, they have to go through Pittsburgh to do it.  They’ve yet to beat them in a playoff series in the Ovechkin/Crosby era; hell, they’ve yet to win a second round series either.  I decided the Caps were my Cup pick, probably foolishly, yet I’ve found no reason to unstick myself from it.  I had this matchup in my prediction and went with Washington.  The Pens are banged up; they may still be without their star rookie goaltender.  The Caps are not, yet took what felt like an eternity to beat the kids in Toronto.  Maybe they’re more driven next round.  Maybe they’re somehow not that good.  I don’t know.  I’m still in an “anyone but Pittsburgh” place, so Washington it is.  Capitals in seven.  I don’t want to pick another six game series.  Five would be a surprise either way.  Four is right out!

By the way, this is the last straw.  If this Washington Capitals core doesn’t win this series, I am done picking them to win anything.  Period.

Power Play%
WSH: 26.5%, 2nd
PIT: 29.6%, 1st

Penalty Kill%
WSH: 81.1%, 3rd
PIT: 78.8%, 6th

5v5 Corsi, Score-Adjusted
WSH: 54.14%, 1st
PIT: 48.71%, 7th

WSH:  98.86, 8th
PIT: 101.59, 5th

Notable Injuries
WSH: Karl Alzner
PIT: Matt Murray, Kris Letang, Chris Kunitz, Carl Hagelin

Season Series
2016-10-13; WSH 2, PIT 3 S/O
2016-11-16; PIT 1, WSH 7
2017-01-11; PIT 2, WSH 5
2017-01-16; WSH 7, PIT 8 OT
ANA: 2-1-2
EDM: 3-2-0

C3. St. Louis Blues vs C4. Nashville Predators:  This will be fun.  In fact, I am planning to make this my most-watched series of the second round.  Both teams are red hot, dispatching their previous challengers in five or fewer.  Their goaltending has been unbelievable.  Nashville has the advantage on top offensive and defensive talent, while St. Louis is more evenly spread across their lines.  The Preds are so fun to watch, while the Blues are boring and steady, but also my Western Conference Champion.  Neither team has met in the playoffs before, so we might be seeing the beginning of another great rivalry, especially given their relative geographic proximity.  Here’s the deal: I have to pick against my bracket and go with my gut and my heart.  I want the Predators to win this series, almost more than any other team left standing.  Given the last few weeks’ results, I think they can.  Predators in seven.  The Blues will give them a fair fight, but Nashville’s just better in nearly every way.  Sure their special teams are worse, but those numbers are so low, I’d expect improvement.  That’s how this works, right?

Power Play%
STL: 16.2%, 7th
NSH: 12.7%, 8th

Penalty Kill%
STL: 86.7%, 1st
NSH: 77.6%, 7th

5v5 Corsi, Score-Adjusted
STL: 48.82%, 6th
NSH: 51.85%, 2nd

STL: 104.16, 2nd
NSH: 103.12, 3rd

Notable Injuries
STL: Robby Fabbri
NSH: Colin Wilson, Craig Smith

Season Series
2016-11-10; STL 1, NSH 3
2016-11-19; NSH 1, STL 3
2016-12-13; STL 3, NSH 6
2016-12-30; NSH 4, STL 0
2017-04-02; NSH 1, STL 4
STL: 2-3-0
NSH: 3-2-1

P1. Anaheim Ducks vs P2. Edmonton Oilers:  This is interesting.  In 2006, the Mighty Ducks defeated the Calgary Flames in the first round.  Then the Edmonton Oilers defeated the San Jose Sharks in the second, as the Ducks advanced against Colorado.  These two then met in the Conference Finals, and obviously this is all happening a round earlier this year.  The longer this 2006 repeat goes in the Pacific, the more convinced I am that the Oilers will advance again.  You could say that the under-performing Sharks gave Edmonton more of a challenge than they should have, but you could say the same about Calgary, despite the sweep.  Somehow, both Anaheim and Edmonton look simultaneously powerful and weak, with Anaheim getting the gut advantage.  However, I don’t think this series is as lopsided as these two franchises’ histories suggest.  Thankfully, I predicted this matchup correctly on my bracket, so I will retain my initial pick.  Edmonton will advance in six against the Ducks.  The power of McDavid will carry the Oilers far.  For whatever reason, I just can’t see the Ducks going any further.

Power Play%
ANA: 18.6%, 5th
EDM: 24.0%, 3rd

Penalty Kill%
ANA: 79.5%, 4th
EDM: 83.6%, 2nd

5v5 Corsi, Score-Adjusted
ANA: 51.04%, 3rd
EDM: 50.50%, 4th

ANA: 104.72, 1st
EDM: 101.72, 3rd

Notable Injuries
ANA: Cam Fowler
EDM: None

Season Series
2016-11-15; EDM 1, ANA 4
2016-12-03; ANA 2, EDM 3 OT
2017-01-25; EDM 4, ANA 0
2017-03-22; EDM 3, ANA 4
2017-04-01; ANA 2, EDM 3 OT
ANA: 2-1-2
EDM: 3-2-0

It’s a bit more even this year — the number of teams we’ve seen again in the second round recently versus those who are new to winning a series.  I like that Nashville and St. Louis are becoming regulars here.  In the east, we’re down to only one team left that I would root for, and somehow that’s Washington?  Four Cup virgins left and we’re guaranteed to lose one.  If three can make it to the Final Four, I’ll be very happy.

Fun Facts & Frivolity Field
Cup Virgins:  4 — CBJ, MIN, NSH, OTT, SJS, STL, WSH
Cup Champions since 2006:  2 — ANA (’07), BOS (’11), CHI (’10, ’13, ’15), PIT (’09, ’16)
Longest Cup drought:  STL — 48 seasons
Returning teams (to the second round):  4 — NSH, PIT, STL, WSH
Fresh blood (in the second round):  4 — ANA, EDM, NYR, OTT

I’m just along for the ride.  Entertain me!