Wishes for Adidas’ NHL Takeover

With Adidas being the parent company of Reebok, they’re set to assume production of all NHL jerseys for the 2017-18 season.  Last time this happened, when Reebok took over in the offseason of 2007, all NHL team jerseys were redesigned to fit the new Edge template.  With this change being forced upon each team, some took the opportunity to rebrand or refresh their looks.  Some overhauled completely (Dallas, Vancouver, and Washington for example).  Others made minor tweaks to their jerseys.  Some made basically none.

Some teams made mistakes.  A few of them, unfortunately, still live to this day.  I’ve taken it upon myself to present a few concept logo blocks with my vision for team primary logos and colors going forward.  If these changes don’t happen, I will be disappointed, but I won’t give up hope — I’ll continue adding to this collection when inspiration strikes, provided that my ideas don’t magically come to life before then.

First up, my Buffalo Sabres:

Buffalo SabresBuffalo Sabres (Away)

Ditch the silver lines, return to a real, vibrant blue, and voilà!  That’s all they need.  This look is clear, identifiable, and timeless.  If they’re going to hoist the Cup at some point, I desperately hope it’s in these.  With the Sabres scheduled to play as the home team at the 2018 Winter Classic, we may see this jersey appear as soon as then — hopefully they do the right thing and elevate it to primary duty afterward.  If not, the likely worst case scenario is it would become a full-time third in 2018-19.  If that happens, they will have earned my money.

Calgary Flames (Third)Calgary Flames (Fourth)

Fixing the Calgary Flames would be simple: return to the 1980s.  Get rid of the black.  Promote the existing third to primary and add a road counterpart.  You won the Cup in these jerseys; why wouldn’t you want to promote them?  ’nuff said.

Carolina Hurricanes (Third)Carolina Hurricanes (Fourth)

The Carolina Hurricanes need a uniform update, badly.  Their 2013 redesign was horrendous, but thankfully they kept their unique third in reserve.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them upgraded to full-time duty.  The flag logo is far better than the swirl, even though they did win the Cup in the latter, but there’s also the fact that I’m not a fan of black primaries.  What about red?  I think that looks damn hot, even if it is a (tropical) storm warning flag.

Colorado Avalanche (Third)Colorado Avalanche (Fourth)

The Colorado Avalanche have been using the 2007 Reebok transition look for a decade; they’re the last to maintain use of the “apron string” look.  It needs a change more than any other team.  Their current thirds are decent, but I’m not sold on them being a primary.  They’re just a bit too experimental, plus burgundy has always been the Avs’ color.  How about these?

Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus Blue Jackets (Away)

The Columbus Blue Jackets‘ third is a great, great look.  I love the jersey, the color scheme, and the logo.  It’s more distinct, compared to the Jacket’s current palette which features zero unique colors.  The only problem is that vintage white cannot be used as an away jersey base, so to solve I’ve made it white across the board.  Looking sharp!

Minnesota WildMinnesota Wild (Away)

The Minnesota Wild are rumored to be going forward with a green jersey, similar to their Stadium Series jersey from last season.  I’m for it.  I think they should keep their away white jerseys and use them template for the homes.  Easy.  I bet this is exactly what we see come Draft Day, more-or-less.

Ottawa Senators (Third)Ottawa Senators (Fourth)

The Ottawa Senators are in dire need of a new look, having used the same original Reebok template since 2007.  Luckily, they’ve already created a complete set that would do nicely.  The “O” logo ties the franchise back to its predecessor in Ottawa, while ditching the tired look of the three-quarter-profile cartoon centurion.  Same as with Columbus, the vintage white is normalized to pure white.  There was a rumor swirling earlier this year that something like this was in the works for the future.  It’s been quiet on that front recently, but I’d still imagine this has a very good chance of happening.

Alternatively, they’ve been sitting on this cleaner version of their original profiled Senator logo for awhile.  It’s not on their jerseys anywhere, for some reason.  If the classic look isn’t to be, why not revamp the jerseys with this badass logo on front?  Hell, I’d be okay with a return to the black primary if this is what it looks like.

San Jose SharksSan Jose Sharks (Away)San Jose Sharks2San Jose Sharks (Away2)

This is more of a thought than a hope.  The San Jose Sharks used the Reebok takeover to refresh their Shark-biting-stick logo in 2007; modernizing while maintaining the overall look.  It’s been a decade since then, and the franchise has matured to a point of ubiquity and success in the Bay Area.  It’s time to grow the logo to match.  We know it’s a hockey team, so there’s no need for a stick in the logo.  This past season the Sharks released a beautiful set of “future” secondary logos for marketing purposes, which went more-or-less unused: see the clean full-bodied shark above.  There’s also a variant with a more triangular shape and a subtle SJ at the vertex.  Either one I think would be a great primary look.

Washington CapitalsWashington Capitals (Away)

Last but not least, look at this.  The Washington Capitals have used this stunning secondary logo since their transformation in 2007.  How is it not the primary?  I get that the wordmark is an update of their original logo, but come on.  This would be an incredible primary logo.  It’s simple, easily reproduceable and identifiable, and it’s freaking brilliant.  It forms a “W.” It’s got the Capitol in negative space.  The angle in the neck invokes the Washington Monument.  It’s wonderful.  After their latest playoff failure, it might just be a decent time to re-brand.  Make this the primary now.

I have a few more wants that I’m not sure how (read: am not skilled enough) to express visually:

Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings would do well to add purple back to their look.  I’m not sure if that requires a whole new logo or not — I’d lean toward the latter, given all of their success with their current setup.  Perhaps just a trim on the jersey?  The league needs more purple; ie any purple.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks have a great set of uniforms, and it hurts to suggest changes because of their mixed history.  I like the orca logo, but the “Vancouver” wordmark needs to go.   Alternatively, promote the third to full time and go full 1970s.  Either way, that’s all I want, so there’s nothing really new to illustrate here.  The design of the jerseys and their colors are perfect already.

In conclusion, I’m surprised by how content I am with the look of the NHL these days.   Only a handful of teams need a redo on the logo, jersey, and/or colors.  For the rest, a few uniform tweaks here and there would be nice, but overall I think these aforementioned changes would be enough to make the league the best it could possibly look.  Now, if only we could make color versus color jerseys for games the norm, only then would we have perfection.

The Colors of the NHL

All of the following hexadecimal colors are extracted from vector logos downloaded directly from the official NHL website. Source files are listed at the bottom of this page.

Main team colors (as given on Wikipedia) are listed first, followed by additional colors that appear on the teams’ primary or third jerseys and logos. I will be updating this list to keep each color current to its team’s active palette. The current revision is for the 2016-17 playoffs, edited on 30 March.

*Primary jersey color (Note: all teams wear white road jerseys)
^Alternate jersey color
†Logo color only
‡Jersey color only
#Alternate jersey/logo featured color only
!Assumed, lacking source, missing

Anaheim Ducks


Black* 000000
Gold 89734C
Orange^ FC4C02
Silver† A2AAAD†
Yellow# FFB81C

Arizona Coyotes


Brick Red* 862633
Desert Sand DDCBA4
Black^ 000000
Brick Red (Throwback)# 6F263D
Hunter Green# 154734
Sienna# A9431E
Purple# 5F259F

Boston Bruins


Black*^ 000000
Gold FFB81C
Brown# 4E3629

Buffalo Sabres


Navy Blue* 041E42
Gold FFB81C
Silver A2AAAD
Red† C8102E

Calgary Flames


Red*^ C8102E
Gold F1BE48
Black 000000

Carolina Hurricanes


Red* C8102E
Silver A2AAAD
Black^ 000000

Chicago Blackhawks


Red* C8102E
Black 000000
Gold† CC8A00
Green† 00843D
Yellow† FFD100
Blue† 001871
Orange† FF671F

Colorado Avalanche


Burgundy* 6F263D
Silver A2AAAD
Blue 236192
Black 000000
Navy#^ 041E42

Columbus Blue Jackets


Union Blue*^ 041E42
Goal Red C8102E
Capital Silver A2AAAD
Steel Blue# 236192
Vintage White# DDCBA4

Dallas Stars


Victory Green* 006341
Silver† A2AAAD
Black 000000

Detroit Red Wings


Red* C8102E

Edmonton Oilers


Orange* CF4520
Blue 00205B

Florida Panthers


Panthers Red* C8102E
Panthers Blue 041E42
Panthers Flat Gold B9975B

Los Angeles Kings


Black* 000000
Silver A2AAAD
Grey#^ C7C9C7
Gold# 89734C

Minnesota Wild



Iron Range Red* A6192E
Forest Green^ 154734
Harvest Gold† EAAA00
Minnesota Wheat DDCBA4

Montréal Canadiens


Bleu 001E62
Rouge* A6192E

Nashville Predators


Gold* FFB81C
Navy 041E42

New Jersey Devils


Red* C8102E
Black 000000

New York Islanders


Royal Blue* 003087
Orange FC4C02
Black^# 000000

New York Rangers



Blue* 0033A0
Red C8102E
Dark Blue#^ 041E42
Sand# DDCBA4

Ottawa Senators


Red* C8102E
Gold C69214
Black^ 000000
Vintage White# DDCBA4

Philadelphia Flyers


Orange*^ FA4616
Black^ 000000
Gold# 89734C

Pittsburgh Penguins


Black* 000000
Pittsburgh Gold^ FFB81C

San Jose Sharks


Deep Pacific Teal* 006272
Burnt Orange E57200
Black^ 000000

St. Louis Blues


Blue* 003087
Gold FFB81C
Navy Blue 041E42
Vintage Blue#^ 0065DB
Vintage White# DDCBA4

Tampa Bay Lightning


Blue* 00205B
Black^ 000000
Silver# A2AAAD

Toronto Maple Leafs


Blue*^ 00205B

Vancouver Canucks


Blue*^ 00205B
Green‡ 00843D
Navy† 041E42
Silver† 97999B

Vegas Golden Knights


Steel Grey* 333F48
Gold! 89734C
Red‡ C8102E
Black 000000

Washington Capitals


Red*^ C8102E
Navy Blue 041E42
Blue# 003087

Winnipeg Jets


Polar Night Blue* 041E42
Aviator Blue‡ 004C97
Silver A2AAAD
Grey† 53565A
Red† A6192E
Dark Red† 782F40


AnaheimArizonaBostonBuffaloCalgaryChicagoColoradoColumbusDallasDetroitEdmontonFlorida* – Los AngelesMinnesotaMontrealNashvilleNew JerseyNew York IslandersNew York RangersOttawaPhiladelphiaPittsburgh^ – San JoseSt. LouisTampa BayTorontoVancouverVegas# – WashingtonWinnipeg

*The Florida Panthers official Pantone colors were revealed as part of a behind-the-scenes feature on their new uniforms.

#The Vegas Golden Knights official CMYK logos were posted directly to their team website upon reveal. Pantone-colored logos were also available, but the most widely used logo is the CMYK version.

^The Pittsburgh Penguins released their own official brand standards, so their colors are 100% confirmed within. I wish more teams had these. Also the fact that their colors match available Pantone colors has me thinking the rest of the league may do that as well. I’ve looked up several of these hex numbers to mixed luck on this tool here. It’s pretty interesting, if you’re into this kind of thing.

All numbers were cross-checked and verified with the wonderful database over at Colorwerx. There is a full record of all NHL colors ever used, ever. If you’re here because you wanted to look up a color, give them some traffic too.

Los Angeles Kings: 2014 Stanley Cup Champions

 I  II  III  IV  V 

Say it with me one last time.

Don’t. Sleep. On. The. Kings.

It’s hard to argue that the Los Angeles Kings aren’t the best team in the NHL.  Every year in this nearly-half-complete decade they’ve made the playoffs, sneaking in at a low seed.  And in two of the last three years, they’ve made the entire league pay for their underestimation.  I don’t know what it is, but these guys find a different gear in the playoffs.  In 2012 it started in the beginning, with the quick dispatch of the Canucks, Blues, and Coyotes in 5 or less.  Before dropping their first two losses in a row to New Jersey, they were 15-2.  Unreal.

2014 was different.  They were at the mercy of the Sharks, who tore them apart and made them look like rubbish through three games.  Then the switch flipped.  It couldn’t have been more obvious.  They were on.  Yet this year, they slowly found themselves fading slowly as series went on.  They needed seven to beat the Sharks, winning four straight after being three down for the fourth time ever in league history.  Then they coughed up a two-to-none lead against Anaheim, only to claw back in seven.  Then, against the mighty champion Chicago Blackhawks, they waited four periods into the series before gelling into an unstoppable machine to blast their way up three-to-one after four games.  While the Blackhawks sure made it interesting before the end, it was of course the dominant Los Angeles Kings to eliminate the defending champions.  This year, it took 21 games to get to the final.  That’s a far cry from 14 two seasons past.  Yet the result was the same in the end and that’s all that matters.

The first two games against the Rangers went to overtime and were won by Los Angeles (just like 2012!).  The first two games were won by a team who never held a lead for any amount of time (just like 2013!).  After three, this was poised to be a sweep, the first since there were four straight in the mid-90s (just like 2012!).  I could go on, but you’ve no doubt heard these things elsewhere, beaten into the dirt by media grasping for a narrative.  Don’t get me started on Game 5 and the full moon/Friday the 13th nonsense.

As for the hockey?  While the Kings are a damn fun team to watch (mark those words, because one day I’ll hate Los Angeles with a passion), this wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the 2013 Stanley Cup Final.  Hell, aside from the outstanding overtime in five (and HOLY CRAP WAS IT JUST THE BEST THING EVER), the rest of the series didn’t even come close to this year’s Western Conference Finals, which featured two such games.  I picked the Rangers because I’m an idiot I wanted to be the only one to pick the juggernaut to fall.  Welp.  Way to be.  At least I was right about the Cup being won in the same state as I was again… where will I be next June?

About the Rangers, well, I’m not really completely sure why I picked them to get to the Cup.  I though it would be closer.  I was wrong, but they sure didn’t sit back against these dynastic Kings, as the three overtime games show.  Stick-tap to my downstate rivals for a great run.

nhl_bracket_2014_r5My final rank for 2014: 67,538, in the 86th percentile.  That’s higher than last year!  And here I thought I’d blown it.  I’m so stupid!  I’ve already got something planned for next year that will make things way more fun (or depressing… who knows).  I’m looking forward to it so much.

Once again, my completed 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket.

Playoffs 2014The only real difference here from previous iterations is the vertical spacing of the logos in the middle rounds.  Previously they were off-center from the rounds before and it bothered me slightly.  Now it’s fixed!  And that’s all I’ve done.  Back into the vault you go once again.

Get ready for another craaazy off-season!

(Probably not, but I can hope.  In Murray we trust.  I’m looking forward to another NY/CA final, this time with two teams from upstate.)