The First Last Jedi Sighting

It’s funny.  Just the other day I thought to myself, “self, it’s already April.  When the heck is the first trailer for The Last Jedi going to drop?”  It was a good question; the teaser for The Force Awakens came out in November of 2015.  That’s a good year and change before release.  Until today, we were basically eight months out with no sign of new footage.

Well, it’s here: feast your eyes on the two-minute trailer for The Last Jedi, revealed as part of the annual Star Wars Celebration.  

Immediately, the score conveys a Star Wars feel.  It always does.  What appears to be a starfield fades into a close-up of a black rock, whilst an eerie, dissonant sound grows louder.

Bam!  Rey!  Just like the first trailer, we’ve got a jump-scare type introduction of one of our main characters.  She’s still on that island from the end of The Force Awakens, and she’s sweating and gasping for breath, again, similar to how Finn was in the first teaser.  It’s like poetry; it’s sort of– they rhyme.

The Force Theme plays over the Lucasfilm logo.


A shot of The Island.  I want to go there.

“Just breathe.”

It’s tricky, because of the fact that I know where this place is on Earth, I cannot transport myself to the galaxy far, far away.  Instead, all I can think is “Ireland.”


“…reach out.”

For whatever reason, this shot doesn’t feel like Star Wars at all.  In fact, I’m having Legion flashbacks.  But, this does feel like an echo of the levitation scenes in Empire.

“What do you see?”

I see an unknown figure standing in front of a stellar map.  It appears to be on a Mon Calamari cruiser, as you can see a few of them in the background.  Rey’s theme plays briefly.  My gut says that’s Leia.  It’s ’cause of the hair, really.


Kylo Ren’s mask is broken and smoldering.  Interesting, as the last film had a close-up shot of Darth Vader’s melted mask.  Ren’s theme (or the First Order’s theme) plays over this shot, though it’s curious how it comes after the spoken word “light.”


A small stone bookshelf is illuminated by a ray of light.  It’s embedded in a wall that kind of looks like an uprooted tree.  As the shot fades in, and underneath the crescendo-ing score, there’s someone whisper-speaking.  It sounds almost like Yoda?

“The balance…”

A gloved hand touches a book that appears worn and/or burned.  That symbol looks familiar, but I can’t place it.  (It’s also replicated in the teaser poster.)

*The sound of a distant lightsaber igniting*

“It’s so much bigger.”

Rey is training with a lightsaber as Luke looks on from above.  She’s swinging at nothing in particular.  Thank goodness there aren’t any remote droids around.

Rapid-fire shot time:

A squadron of skimming fighters scratch up red dust from the surface of a white, deserted, mud-cracked landscape.  In the distance, AT-ATs.  It’s like the anti-Hoth.  Another fighter swoops down, crashes into the ground, and gets back up and flying.

These fighters appear to have an asymmetrical design with the cockpit on the left side.  Their aesthetic is unlike anything I’ve seen in the films, which is a good thing.

Finn!  I would imagine this is some kind of recovery pod for him, post-duel loss.  Or it could be an Iron Man-type suit.  There’s a HUD, featuring Aurebesh text.  I don’t know if I should try translating it or not…

Poe Dameron!  And BB-8!  They’re running down a corridor on, again, what appears to be a Resistance ship that’s under attack.  Poe’s suit has a Rebel logo on the shoulder.

They reach their X-Wing in the hangar, when there’s an explosion behind it.  On the left, I think I spy an A-Wing’s engines!

A TIE Fighter explodes as the Millennium Falcon flies through the clouds, pursued by more TIE Fighters.  Very Empire.

Rey runs with blue lightsaber ignited.  It looks like she might finally be off The Island.

“I only know one truth…”

Badass.  That’s a nice scar you’ve got on your eye there Kylo.  Curious, I thought Rey destroyed your lightsaber when she whooped your ass on Starkiller Base?

What appears to be Luke and R2-D2 sitting in front of a burning building as embers fly in the air.  I have to believe this is the place from Rey’s vision.  No clue where or what it could be.

Captain Phasma and Storm Troopers walk through flames, their shadows cast onto the smoke behind them.  Awesome.  The structure in the upper left indicates to me that this is probably the aforementioned Resistance ship under attack being boarded.

A space battle!  Red and blue adorned ships, shaped like the front-half of a Nebulon-B frigate, are under assault by TIE Fighters.

An X-Wing snipes a TIE Fighter, in what seems like a pretty frantic scene.  Hopefully it’s not like the one from Rogue One.  While that one was fun to watch, I’d hate for this to be more of the same.

“It’s time for the Jedi… to end.”

Luke stands in a portal to a cave.  I wonder if he’s living in a slimy mud-hole like Yoda was.  The parallels seem to be too easy to make.

An ominous score.  STAR WARS in red.

What the heck does that mean?  It’s all so very foreboding.  And, thankfully, the teaser does a good job of revealing basically nothing.  Like before, I haven’t a clue what the plot of this film is, or where the pieces from The Force Awakens get picked up.  I don’t know anything about supporting characters — I assume there will be a few new ones (a la Lando) — nor can I even make a guess as to where our heroes are all heading.

It seems to be a very dark place.  Hopefully they do it right this time.

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