History Has Its Eyes on Me

I’m writing this still in shock and disbelief.  The news I’d been waiting for for weeks, the culmination of a several-years long process, arrived this morning.

I passed the PE Exam.

Even though I’d prepared for it for months, taking every measure to ensure my success, and honestly finding the test itself not too difficult at the time, I’m stunned to find that I succeeded.

Maybe it’s the fact that out of the big three worries of the autumn, I’d been 0/2 until now, that gives a sense of lingering pessimism.  Maybe it’s that, when I started the most recent step of my career, I’d looked up to the other Professional Engineers, using them as role models and examples, but never truly believing I’d join their ranks, much less so soon.

Well, here I am.  I did it.  We did it.

There’s no level above this, only the faithful and successful execution of my position.  This is where the true learning begins.  It’s time to take my Impostor Syndrome and toss it in the trash.  There’s no room for error anymore; everyone will be watching.



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