Life On Hold

So here’s the deal: I cannot focus on anything other than three things right now.

  1. My current job and the black hole that’s pulling my company toward oblivion.  It’s become increasingly obvious that there’s no future there, unfortunately, and it’s extremely depressing given how incredible it used to be.  I’m actively trying to find a solution to this problem.  Hopefully the resolution is voluntary on my part, although there is a certain scenario where the opposite is preferable.  I will share more when I feel the time is right.
  2. The PE Exam.  I may have put off studying for too long, but I’m well over six weeks in at this point and I’m starting to feel optimistic.  I have enrolled in an on-demand online course covering the major topics of the exam and, while it’s not exceptionally in-depth or illuminating, it provides the structure and practice that is so crucial to succeed on an exam of this kind.  There are 19 days left before the exam and I have about 23 hours of course work to finish, plus practice problems and sample exams.  Luckily, per point #1, I have no professional work to do, so this is now my full-time job.  In three weeks, pass or fail, this stress will be over in the near-term.
  3. The election.  My goodness.  It was moderately entertaining watching the GOP put forth 17 garbage candidates and seeing the worst of the worst ascend to the top, but since, I don’t know, April (?) it had been getting more and more scary.  Following the polls everyday is only good for the mind when the dark side isn’t prevailing.  July wasn’t a good month for mental health, particularly the time between the Republican National Convention and when Michelle Obama delivered her glorious address at the Democratic National Convention about four days later, a weekend that felt like an eternity as the nation turned red.  When the GOP frontrunner’s campaign appeared to be imploding in August, I was delighted. In September, I followed from India as Ms. Clinton began to drop in the polls once again.  I was nervous before the first debate.  I felt like I was carrying the weight of democracy on my shoulders, but simultaneously powerless to do anything.  Now, especially right now, things are looking better than ever; as they say, though, it’s not over until it’s over.  I can’t do anything about this particular stress other than cast my vote (in a state that is solidly blue already) and wait until Wednesday, November 9th.  Not until that morning will I be able to breathe again.

This is my life.  October 2016 is looking like it may be one of the most important months in my 27-year existence.  All I can do is prepare and hope that it all works out in the end.


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