Namaskār, Bhārat

I am heading across the world yet again; not quite as far away from home as I’ve ever been, but pretty far.  Later this week, I’ll be in India for 10 days, split between the cities of the north and the wilderness of the south.  There’s a lot I don’t know about India, though I’ve learned so much more in the last two years than I thought I could fit in my head.  I am excited, yet nervous; intimidated, yet relaxed.  My expectations are all over the place, probably due to the mixed portrayal of India in American culture — from the slums to the temples, I honestly have no idea what I’ll see or experience first-hand.  I do, however, have an incredible guide waiting for me there, so everything will be wonderful. 🙂

I’m probably going to be here in a few days:


Or maybe here?


Or both!?

(They’re both on the list, and that’s just the beginning! 😀 )

But seriously, I cannot wait.  I have a 16-hour flight direct from San Francisco to Delhi, a 12.5-hour time difference (or 11.5 from another point of view), and a body that isn’t used to summer* heat, but those tiny obstacles won’t impact my enjoyment.  It’s been an annoyingly depressing and uncertain summer at home — a little vacation will do me well in mind and body.


*San Francisco summer isn’t summer; that comes in September.  In fact, now isn’t the hottest time of year in Delhi either: that’s May.


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