Self-Improvement September

I’m not really a crowd follower nor one to get swept up in viral trends.  I didn’t do the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I did No-Shave November (or Mo-vember for the mustache-inclined) once, but it didn’t turn out well because of my lack of facial-hair growing ability, which is still leaves me wanting to this day.  I don’t even really do New Year’s resolutions, except for that one time.

However, last year, one of my favorite internet personalities had me considering another such alliterative month-based movement: Self-Improvement September.  In 2014, he and his girlfriend (now fiancée) went a whole month without drinking alcohol.  Simple, noble, and surprisingly challenging.

I was indirectly and perhaps subconsciously inspired.  He’s easily one of the more genial and downright nice people on YouTube and a definite model human being.  I thought I could join him in spirit, moving to fix myself in a small but needed way.  But how?

Well, on and off throughout my entire adult life, I’ve been a nail-biter.  Ew.  I know.  I’m not even sure what the appeal is, honestly, but I’d find myself nibbling on a nick or an uneven spot only to rip the entire white edge (and more) uncleanly off.  And most of the time it hurt, often for a few days.  Regrow and repeat.  That is, until last September when I just… stopped.  It’s not easy.  I have to keep a file on hand (pun intended) at all times in case I need to eliminate the imperfections I’d otherwise adjust via mouth.  It worked.

Mostly.  Sometimes I would relapse, carve off a nail edge with my teeth, and wonder how it came to this.  Except now it would stop there.  Once I realized what I’d done, that was that.  I’d nuke everything and start over; with one nail ruined, I’d take my clippers and reduce all other fingers to match.  The ultimate deterrent.  I’m proud to say, though not completely eradicated, this habit has been significantly lessened, which is awesome!  Thanks September!

Which brings me to this year.  Needless to say I have a lot of flaws.  What’s something I can suddenly but permanently fix on this most arbitrary of occasions?  I don’t know yet.  Last year it wasn’t until the second week of September that I began the aforementioned quest.  It shouldn’t be too hard, really.

Maybe cleaning out all of the crap from my vocabulary?  How about starting with crap?  That’s a disposable word.  English is a language with an absolutely absurd amount of flair; surely I can take advantage of its boundless synonyms and maybe even have some fun with it?  Not a bad idea, especially since, all things considered, I don’t have much in my life to throw colourful language at.  Sounds like a good challenge!

This video is unrelated.  Except it’s WheezyWaiter from last September.  It’s not about Self-Improvement September and it’s not long, but I do find it exceptionally entertaining.  Just watch… and then keep watching.  Gibbety-gibbety!


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