Simple Things

The first half of this week was kind of a downer.  It’s been raining here in Northern California for almost three weeks straight, which is excellent news for living creatures that want to continue their existence here.  However, the already limited daylight is dampened by the shroud of rainclouds, easy outdoor activites become complicated (or cease entirely), and most importantly to my sanity, commuters lose their minds and forget how to drive, causing my round-trip to and from work to sometimes exceed three hours.

And then other things happened.  Work related stress, broken routines, a continuous inundation of just horrific news, and, one night, a series of dreams that, entirely unprovoked, dug up an old skeleton I apparently failed to bury months ago.   Separately, I can handle each of those things; combined, we’ve got trouble.

Wednesday was a bad day.

I left the office, crawled along in the car for entirely too long (though the displeasure was greatly abated by this week’s outstanding, marathon episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes), staggered into my apartment, shed my professional attire for something more comfortable and…

Well you see, I’ve started working out again. (yay)  This time I bought myself some new protein powders that were greatly recommended by a colleague.  I had a shake of one of them in the morning, as I was planning to work out in the evening.  Not wanting to waste my pre-breakfast, I was obligated to work out that night, despite my malaise.

Here’s the thing: the evening became amazing really quickly.  I shredded myself to the point where I couldn’t walk or move my arms afterward and I was so pumped I felt like I was finally making real progress.  I must have been flooded with endorphins too because I also felt fantastic.

Before and between sets, I sat down and plucked out melodies on the piano.  I’m very close to finally perfecting a lovely piece of music that I’ve been “playing” for years, appropriately titled “The Simple Life.”  Success is addicting and only seems to beget more.

I watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report as I worked, both of which have been on-point this week, especially as the latter wrapped up its series run.  I’ve also become completely addicted to @midnight and, again, despite my mood, I actually did a real live spit-take on more than one occasion during that show.  So, things were looking up.

What could make the evening of simple pleasures better?  Easy.  Relaxing hot shower with a delicious shower protein shake.  It’s like a shower beer (from what I’ve heard) but good for you!  And then I put on some clean pajamas, slipped into my warm bed, legs and arms long since turned to jelly, and drifted away to the sounds of APM’s Marketplace, as one does.

Why am I saying any of this?  I don’t know.  It wasn’t really an exceptional or outstanding occurrence, but I do remember thinking often throughout the night: life is good.  Sometimes it doesn’t take anything exceptional or outstanding to make it so; sometimes it’s the simple things.


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