Early Morning Inspiration: Comet Landing Edition

This little guy just landed on a comet.


A comet.

Let that sink in.

317 million miles away.  That’s over 28 light-minutes.  That’s almost as far as Jupiter at its closest to Earth.

We sent a rocket into space 10 years ago, on a wacky course to intercept a tiny (and evidently smelly) ball of rock and ice way out there in the void beyond the asteroid belt.

This morning, the probe launched on that rocket sent its own lander down to the surface of a comet.  On its own, without real-time human guidance.  I’m sure there’s a ballistic analogy in there somewhere, like shooting a pop can with a 9mm from halfway across the country, or something.

I cannot even fathom the amount of man-hours, engineering, and overall brain-power that went into this project.  It must have been (and continues to be) astounding.  Now our ingenious little species on this tiny blue dot in space has put its very own creation onto another tinier speck zooming around out there, landing farther away than any other craft as far as I know.

I am actually amazed.  Well done, humanity.

Where to next?

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