There’s a slight sheen of dust gathering here.  I’ve written a few draft posts of random topics, but none of them are polished enough for posting.  I’ve been relatively busy, and it’s really pretty great.

See, a few months ago I wrote this post.  It’s November, almost a year to the day that the opportunity for my current career path fell into my lap, and I feel like I’m finally starting to break through to the next level.  It’s been a long nine months.  Not every day has been good (though the vast majority have been wonderful), however I find the worst days come about because of stress due to growing pains.  I’m facing tasks and assignments that are new realms to me, things that I know I have to do to improve myself professionally and to grow as an engineer and project manager.

It’s not easy, really, but it’s rewarding.  Every day I can feel the cloud of ignorance dispelling and pushing backward, bit by bit.  Looking back on what I wrote just over four months ago, it’s shocking how far things have come.  My lack of confidence is slinking away.  I actually feel useful.  My professional network has expanded significantly, and not a few short days from now I’ll actually be taking on a technical leadership role on a massive future solar project. (!)

I’m nervous: I have no experience acting as a technical lead in my short career, but in that time, I’ve found the best way to get acquainted with something, to begin to get good at it, is to just do it, ready or not. It seems obvious now.  Now that I have an amazing, talented, and incredibly friendly team alongside me, it seems like anything is possible.  Thanks the gods for a supportive work environment.

San Francisco

Then there’s the whole real-estate situation.  I’m committed to moving to the city, insofar as I keep telling my coworkers and friends that I’m going to do so early next year.  I can’t even consider backing out now that everyone expects me to follow through with my word.  Like last time I moved to a new city, it’s another one of those things I just have to do before I over-think it.  I’m really not looking forward to the process, however the other major worry I had previously, the financial aspect of living in the city, doesn’t really bother me anymore.  I’ve been surviving just within my means for so long that any increase in those means, even slight, is like a windfall.  And there are several on the horizon, among which is a shockingly unexpected potential decrease in rent by moving to San Francisco.

In short, things are going really well.  So well in fact that I don’t really have anything to worry about at the moment.  It might be a transient state; then again, maybe not.  In any case, peace of mind, however fleeting, has been a long time coming and I’m going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.



2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. So happy for you. Love to hear the growth and maturity. So wonderful to have special co-workers. There’s always someone there to assist and advise if you get stuck or need some expertise. You are so correct…just do it. W all started there on our professional careers.

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