Untitled #2


I shot this photo of South San Francisco and San Bruno Mountain a few weeks ago from the window of an early evening flight from San Francisco International down to Ontario, California.  This morning, as I walked along the dirt path to my office under an overcast sky, between the tidal sloughs and down-slope of the coastal mountains (not far out of the frame of this picture to the left), I had an idea, one that puts numerous internal, unsourced feelings into context.  It’s very simple:

As much as we can change the terrain, create infrastructure, or massive monuments to human resourcefulness and ingenuity, there’s no way to, say, to stop the enveloping fog from floating in off of the ocean every summer afternoon, or keep the Pacific plate, seen here mostly covered in the aforementioned fog, from slowly sliding to the north.

No matter how much we build and develop, how much we expand our artificial empire across the land, we’re always terribly insignificant in the face of nature.  We’re at the mercy of its laws and patterns, and there’s basically nothing we can do about it.

That is truly awesome.


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