Incomplete Thought

I see this everywhere: on TV, on the road, especially in the media, both traditional and internet-based.  It seems to me that people* are always looking for a reason to get upset, to be angry, to lash out.

e.g.  Someone killed a kid in Missouri.  We’re all hating each other, taking sides in a fight.  A few are defending the reprehensible actions that occurred that night and have taken place in the days since.  Why?

I can’t even begin to describe American politics.  Nobody* can get anything done because they need their side to win, for some reason.  Why?

On my lengthy drives to and from work every day, I see people* in traffic screaming and flipping each other off for perceived slights, most of which seem entirely unintentional.  Why?

I once had a relationship with someone who would get angry at me for things I would write, but meant absolutely no offense.  Why?

What is wrong with everyone*?  Is this part of human nature?  I don’t like it.

Why don’t we all just, instead of looking for an excuse be angry, try instead to be happy?  There must be something out for everyone that can elicit a smile, right?  Instead of bringing other people down, why not try to lift people up?

Don’t be a dick.

Don’t forget to be awesome.


*It’s obviously not everyone, but these behaviors appear to span a vast range of cultures, races, and classes.


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