The Lagavulin Has Been Opened

A few days after I was unceremoniously executed from my last employment in June, I received an unexpected package.  Within was a bottle of Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky and an anonymous congratulatory note, from…Ron Swanson?  I wish.  No, everything about the gift clearly indicated to me that it came from my brother.  Having grown into a scotch drinker over the previous three months, I was tempted to indulge, however I quickly decided to wait for a more momentous occasion to pull out the cork on this luxury.

That day arrived on December 9th. (Sort of)

IMG_7363I told my brother that I wasn’t going to open the Lagavulin until I got another job.  While not completely official until I finally received my written offer letter this morning– after numerous holiday- and bureaucracy-driven delays– I couldn’t bear to wait even a little.  The night of December 9th, my soon-to-be boss presented the details of the coming offer to me on the phone; I would have accepted right then and there, if that were legally binding.  I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Six Eight long months of uncertainty and stress, of rapidly dwindling coffers and idle time, of a different kind of freedom, were over.  Similarly to, but also unlike how the toxins of my last job noticeably, yet slowly found their way out of my mind in the weeks after my termination, the stresses of unemployment that had build up slowly since August suddenly and immediately vanished once I heard the good news.

It’s weird.  I was never happy at my last job (well, nobody was) and not two weeks into my tenure there, I was encouraged by a colleague (ironically, the only one who had managed to stay there for longer than two years) to look for another job.  I didn’t start in earnest until an opportunity fell into my lap in early June of 2012.  When I saw how crushed I was when I didn’t get that job, I knew I needed a change for sure.  So, my job search resumed.  In essence, I’ve been looking for work since my senior year of college.  It’s been over three years of this.  And now it’s over.

I now have a future.  A career.  In an industry that’s growing.  In the field I studied.  As a member a team of professionals.  At a location I have only dreamed of living.  Before this, my life after this coming March was a void, a nebulous region of nothing.  It loomed large on the horizon, growing nearer every day.  All of that haze is gone.

The timing for the initial news breaking was amazing, two weeks before Christmas, and what a gift that was.  The rest of the long, arduous offer-distributing events unfolded over the start of the new year.  If I thought the last new year was going to be a time for change, 2014 looks to be a thousand times more effecting.  Plus, this has been the third year in a row (at least) that the middle of December has been absolutely amazing.  In 2011, I was in SeattleLast year, I passed the FE.  This past December surpassed all of that.

As I mentioned in my last Los Angeles blog, I was left a voice-mail by an old contact while I was waiting in the queue at Conan, the day after a massively humiliating interview situation.  That voice-mail started the interview process for this position.  I don’t believe in supernatural influence, yet that timing… everything about it was perfect.  I could not be happier to begin at what seems to be a terrific place to work, with great people and an optimistic, collaborative, and open work environment.  Right now I feel like I’ve landed my dream job.  I sincerely hope I did.

2014, pleased to already be making your acquaintance.  January is over; now I’m ready for you to really begin.


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