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IMG_5492The weather here is absolutely perfect.  The leaves around town are a nice palette of green, orange, and red and they’re being tossed around by an autumn zephyr.  To the west, foggy low clouds are breaking over the hills separating the valley from the Bay, bringing the cold Pacific air with them.  They disappear over my house, allowing the warm afternoon sun to shed its light on the dry earth below.  It smells fresh and coastal, as it always does by the ocean; unusual that it should miles inland.  It’s as though the Pacific lies just across the hills.  I can feel its presence through the dark fog beyond.

Like the emergence of spring back home in the Northeast after a long, dreary winter, the settling of autumn after a long, hot and dry summer in California just makes me feel better.  It’s hard for me to explain, and no matter how many pictures I take, or which words I use to describe this, I can truly only have such an experience at a certain time of year.  I feel lucky that that time is right now.


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