I haven’t been writing much lately.  I’ve been uninspired, but have also been busy doing a lot of other stuff.  Being unemployed is hard work, harder than I imagined it could be.  However, things are starting once again to go rather well and even though I may not have an income in the near future, I’m feeling more optimistic.

While off, I’ve been trying to learn all I can to potentially advance my career through non-work means.  That means reading a lot of chapters in dry textbooks on power system theory, learning new software packages used in the industry, and practicing other useful skills for professional life, such as time management and communication.  Last week I took a chance and spent too much money on materials to study for the Power Professional Engineer exam.  When I was studying for the FE, such materials were invaluable to my success, and while I’m not directly preparing for the PE exam just yet, I feel like studying under a structured guide will be more effective than the unfocused, one-way reading I’ve been doing.  I’ve got so much time, it really couldn’t hurt to get this started now.

Buffalo Sabres San Jose SharksLos Angeles Kings Anaheim Ducks

In other news, in three weeks I’ll be following the Buffalo Sabres on their California road trip, starting in San Jose on November 5th, heading down to Los Angeles on the 7th, and continuing on to Anaheim the night after.  Sure, the Sabres are abjectly terrible this year, though one of these days they’re bound to win (right?).  I can’t remember ever having seen the Sabres lose in person (in regulation, anyway) so I must be good luck in some way!  Aside from potentially dismal hockey, I’m looking forward to visiting two new arenas, the home of two recent Stanley Cup Champions, and to finally seeing the great Teemu Selanne play live.

staplesI’ve never been to Los Angeles and I’ve been in California for over two years; it’s about time I’ve gone.  I’m planning a ton of sights to see before and after the hockey games so I’m preparing for another several day long road trip.  After Cascadia, I’m even more ready than I was then.  Needless to say, I’m wicked excited.  I hear LA’s beautiful in the fall.

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