Tonight’s the Night

I’m not talking about Dexter (sigh) or the recent fantastic conclusion of Breaking Bad.  I write of course about the newest, long-awaited National Hockey League season, starting tonight at 7pm EDT in Montréal.  It’s been two years since we’ve had hockey in October, much less a preseason to build it up, and things are once again very different.  This first full season since 2011-12 will include new rule changes, such as “hybrid” icing, new uniform restrictions, and smaller goalie pads, as well as a slew of fresh-faced rookies looking to make an early mark on the league.

The things that get me most excited about this new season, however, are the handful of new-look teams, the new jerseys, the new logos, and possibly most of all, the new divisional re-alignment.  I’ve already written extensively about my aesthetic adventures through the playoffs; not yet seen in the wild is my ever evolving documentation of the regular-season journey.  Soon I may just write another history of this particular image, but right now I’m far too distracted, tired, and uncreative to compile a cohesive, well-written post (about anything, really).  For now, I present a clean slate for the 2013-2014 season:

Regular Season

Look at all of those zeros.  Pay no attention to the positions, as they’re in alphabetical order to start with.  No, I don’t think Calgary, Colorado, Buffalo, or Carolina will be making the playoffs this year.  One never knows though; at the end of the season we’ll see a completed standings back up on here and perhaps some surprises in the ranks.  I’m not one to predict whole seasons so I won’t.  Plenty of “experts” have done so already.  I’m just here for the ride and I intend to enjoy it, win or lose.

It’s hockey season again.


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