Just a quick thought about myself:  for some reason, when I’m waiting for something to happen, be it a fixed date or a coming event whose time of occurrence is unknown, I seem to lose motivation to do other things.  It’s as if there’s a wall stopping me before this coming event happens, after which I’m free to continue.

For example, this past winter, the whole last week of December I spent doing nothing, at home and at work, just watching the clock, gazing at the calendar, waiting for my time off to come.  Once this period of time came, I would be able to do things.  What actually happened was the inertia carried over home and I continued doing nothing for almost a week.

Right now I’ve got less than a month until I relocate my home and I am hesitating to start new routines until I complete that transition.  It’s logical to me, which is a problem.  My point here is that I can’t keep putting off things indefinitely, but I’m finding it’s a real hard mental roadblock to overcome.

It’s something to work on and hopefully this note to my future self here will remind me to keep moving forward.


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