1957 – 2013

One night in early September I came home from work, made dinner, and sat down to watch Conan as I usually do.  That day though I had a wicked headache, so I lay on my couch to try to nap it away with a pillow over my head.  I was drifting in and out of consciousness when this song came on and its simple melancholic chords washed over me.  My cranial pain subsided and I felt immediately better.  There’s something incredibly nostalgic about “1957” to me and I can’t put my finger on it; listening to it rarely fails to metaphorically “take me away” to… somewhere.  If you’re into indie folk music with a lot of guitars and vocal harmonies, definitely give Milo Greene a listen.  There’s no real point to this story, I just felt like sharing some lovely music. 😉

On a slightly related note, this morning I bought a ticket to see Andrew McMahon in February.  He’s performing solo and I have to say I’m incredibly excited.  I’ve wanted to see Jack’s Mannequin for years and with their demise in August I feared that opportunity was lost, but it seems Andrew is out and about recording new music and heading on tour next month (opening a few shows for fun. and doing a few on his own).  Few singular people have influenced my music as profoundly as he has and I know it will be massively rewarding to see him perform in person.  I can’t wait.

Andrew McMahon @ Ace of Spaces

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