For the past few days, I’ve been spending a significant amount of time playing my guitar.  Of all of the instruments I have with me in California, I’ve devoted the least amount of time to it, by far.  I consider myself a decent guitarist; I can play pretty much any song that involves relatively simple strummed chords on first sight, and lately, by ear after a few listens, but I hadn’t seen a noticeable increase my skill in some time.  This had caused my guitaring to be neglected in favor of more immediately satisfying instruments, i.e. piano and drums.

Most of my time playing guitar these days I’ve spent practicing a particularly catchy guitar solo, from the song Steeples by Dispatch.  As far as I can remember I’ve been able to make it through the first few bars, but never found the ability to continue.  That is, until I actually sat down and worked it out over and over and over.  I haven’t quite gotten it fully correct yet, but if I play along with the song, I can not only keep up, but it sounds pretty good too!  I don’t remember the last time I actually learned something even a little tricky on the guitar, but now I certainly won’t keep myself from trying again.

Hooray success!

It starts at 2:40, but you can’t really miss it. 😉


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