I wish this was a post about funk music, but alas it is not.  Since the end of October when I finally took the FE exam, I have had a ton of free time.  What I’ve done with it, I can’t even say.  I had been looking forward to doing a number of things, but somehow I can’t find motivation to move ahead with any of these fun activities:

  • I was going to start writing more music, but I haven’t found inspiration.
  • I should be reading; I haven’t finished a book since August and I’ve got a ton on my list to read, but something’s keeping me from digging in.
  • I should be exercising; sitting in a crappy chair for 9 hours at the exam ruined a muscle in my back for a week so that was a legitimate excuse then, but now, not so much.  It’s been so long since I’ve done a proper lift, I’m afraid to see how far back I’ve set myself.  This goes doubly so for running, which I have really done since… May? Good lord.  Stiflingly hot weather’s not an excuse anymore.
  • I’ve been playing pick-up soccer on the weekends (thanks, and it’s actually been pretty awesome.  It’s great to finally meet a ton of cool people and I have no intention of giving it up, so there’s that.
  • Obviously there’s no hockey to watch still, but that’s become normal life at this point.
  • Somehow the TV shows I always watched seem to take up my entire night, but lately I’ve just been passing out on the couch at like 8pm.
  • My writing pace has slowed, as you, eagle-eyed reader, has no doubt noticed.  Once again from lack of inspiration, though there’s at least one topic I want to write about as winter gets closer.
  • I haven’t taken any photographs since the concert.  I really should; the leaves are finally near peak color out here.
  • I logged on Duolingo for the first time in weeks yesterday, astonished to see how much German I forgot in that time.  I’ve been avoiding Duolingo because it’s missing what I think are essential features to successful learning for me, but it’s still pretty helpful.  I’ve also been trying to learn several accents that I find interesting, because why not?
  • At work I’ve been coasting through the month, doing what needs to be done, but slowly and adequately.  Some recent events have caused me to step up my job search, but nothing’s come from that yet.  I’m still counting the number of days until I come home for winter. (36 days, 22 work-days and going down with increasing velocity)

I’m just kinda here.  In July I was depressed, but right now I know I’m not.  Hell, my Sundays are freakin’ awesome. They’re by far my favorite day of the week and I look forward to them every day as soon as Monday rolls around.  (SNL in the morning followed by pick-up soccer in perfect fall weather, free time in the afternoon (for all of the above), the best pizza in town for dinner, The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Homeland at night.)  I’m getting excited just thinking about it, but I’ve got a lot to focus on in the meantime.  Something’s gotta snap me out of this funk.  Not sure what will do the trick.  Will experiment and update when I figure it out.

For now, here’s a happy song.  Barefoot Truth!  Unfortunately, they recently disbanded (NOOOOOO!!) and played their last show this past weekend.  I’m sad about that, but still quite thankful that their music isn’t going anywhere and that I got to see them (and meet them all and hang out) twice.  This is my absolute favorite track by them, recorded live at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont last year.  Enjoy!

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